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Ristorante Posta Vecia

The History

The history of POSTA VECIA dates back to the 16th century: having been a dining outlet for since such an early era, POSTA VECIA has become known as a “Residenza D’Epoca” or period residence.
In the 1500s, the structure effectively carried out the functions of a post office along the “Postumia” road that ran between Verona and Vicenza; a small community grew up around it, so much so that the blacksmith, carpenter and saddler artisan workshops can be found in the buildings that comprised the settlement. Naturally, they couldn’t go without the stables, barns and granaries and a small group of stable hands and farmers worked there for a spell. The impressive colony home was built inside, with a large porch for parking the carriages, storing equipment and food.
Thanks to its strategic position, the post office was extremely busy for years. The Austrian authorities granted the Fiorini family management of a station for changing horses and carriages even before the French Revolution. The service run by the family grew to four coaches and around thirty horses.
Over the years, a number of illustrious characters passed through the postal station: Napoleon and the arch duke of Austria Carlo passed through there during the battles of Caldiero and Arcole, and then Austrian and French generals, princes and diplomatic messengers. Writer and patriot Silvio Pellico stayed at the station in 1821: he was watched by the militia, and was on his way to Venice in the journey that would have led him to Spielberg Prison in Bohemia. A commemorative plaque to the passage was erected by the Fiorini family in 1866, on the occasion of the Unity of Italy; it was destroyed during the Second World War, but has recently been rebuilt.
The service began to wind down with the arrival of the first steam engine in around 1880 and was eventually completely replaced by the railway. During the First World War, some soldiers lit a fire that destroyed the portico and storehouses; to this day the supporting columns of the building are still visible, wrapped in ivy. The facades of the artisan workshops that sprung up along the state road are all that remains of them today; in 1970, the old porches were transformed into elegant lunch rooms, and the structure has been brought to life again with the creation of Posta Vecia Restaurant. The Fiorini-Baldo family has faithfully preserved the structure and furnishings.
Almost fifty years have passed but it seems that here time has stood still...

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